Roof Inspections

A professional inspection provides homeowners with accurate information about the condition of their roof. It is nearly impossible to tell the true condition of your roof looking up from the ground. The only way to get an accurate picture of what is happening is by sending a professional up on your roof to take a closer look. Don’t attempt this at home by yourself. It can be dangerous, and it is much easier to send in the professionals.

Roofing Inspections Austin

Interior Roof Inspection

Our Austin roofers will fully inspect the interior of your roof. They will check for ventilation in your attic space, proper insulation, and moisture. Clogged vents can block airflow, causing condensation to build up in your attic. Moisture in the attic can cause dangerous mold and mildew. The R-value determines the strength of the insulation. The higher the R-value, the higher the insulation power. We’ll check to make sure everything fits the needs of your home and recommend any necessary repairs.

Exterior Roof Inspection

We will get on your roof to determine the exterior condition of your shingles. Often weaknesses are not seen from the ground. Our team can spot leaks, flashing problems, weather damage, and chimney issues plaguing your home. We can also judge the condition of your shingles, making recommendations for repair or installation of new shingles. With all the information, we can work together to determine a plan of action for your home.

Free Roof Inspection

Many companies will charge you for a roof inspection. Austin All Roof offers free roofing inspections for shingle and metal roofing. We can help you determine the location of the problem areas, and together we can work on a plan of action for your home. Take advantage of this free service by calling our office today. We take care of our customers as if they were part of our family.

If you would like a free home inspection, call the office today. We can set up an appointment to get your roof inspected, giving you peace of mind about the status of your roof. We stand behind all our labor with a lifetime warranty, and our parts come with a limited lifetime warranty. Quality is important to us, and we want to work with you to create the perfect custom solution for all your roofing needs.